Tony Butcher


Tony reveals how he discovered the incredible Fairy Tale Code. As his book Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery Religions explores, Tony has uncovered ancient teachings buried within some of the best-known children's stories, including Cinderella and Snow White.

On request the author is prepared to give a free talk about his book and also read some of his poems. The venue will end with a Q & A session, followed by book signings.

My name is Tony Butcher, author of Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery Religions and expert on Transcendental Meditation.
My passion for TM, and later Yogic Flying, has enriched my life in many ways, including piquing my interest in the possible connections between well-known fairy tales and spiritual teachings.
In my book I unravel the hidden meanings behind such familiar tales as Cinderella, illuminating the ancient mystic wisdom that paves the way towards enlightenment.
Far from being quaint tales, these stories are relevant to us all.
I also express myself through poetry and in anthology A Walk in the Park I share my musings and amusements on many things.

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Yoga Consciousness in ancient
Mystery Religions

Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery religions provides a fascinating new perspective on some traditional fairy tales that we all thought we knew. We are taught from an early age that these stories can give us useful guidance for life, even if they seem obscure. Tony Butcher shows us how to unravel the meanings, drawing on the ancient teachings        Read more >>

A Walk in the Park

A Walk in the Park” is the sum total of Tony Butcher's poetry, from the first piece of nonsense verse he wrote, to long, spiritual poems much later in his career. He claims that these days he only writes when inspiration comes “hot from the gods”. He reckons that all his best stuff has come that way and anything out of his own head tends to be “clever rubbish” by comparison.     Read more >>