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A Trip Beyond Imagination

This is a remarkable book by an equally remarkable man, the like of which you are unlikely to read in your lifetime.

An inner prompting sent Tony Butcher to India – the home of the timeless knowledge of the Veda. In the topsy-turvy world of modern times, we are more au fait with our mobile phones than we are with the even smarter circuitry, lying latent within our own nervous systems. 

Just as quantum physics presents a very different view of the world from the classical physics of Newton, the same is also true of consciousness. The more we expand ours, the more we find there. 

The Veda tells us in its own symbolic language that everybody is born with a nervous system capable of being refined and perfected with the right input. 

Beyond the three states of waking, dreaming and deep sleep there exists a fourth state of transcendental consciousness, which is responsible for the harmonic rhythms of the universe as a whole. In fact our nervous system is a miniature version of the greater cosmos and contains all the same ingredients in a latent form. All that is needed is contact with this underlying field of pure consciousness. This is easily accessible through Maharishi’s simple mental techniques. Once started the transformation begins.

The author learnt Transcendental Meditation in 1968 and the TM Sidhis in 1979. In his case they were the foundation and ground floor of his journey. On the ground floor one finds all aspects of daily life are enhanced. By the time he was ready for work on the second floor, an unexpected Cosmic helper came on the scene in India – she helps him with every aspect of his life. The roof is still not completed but this book tells you about life on the upstairs floor. In the West they are called ‘guardian angels’. In India they are called Ishta devatas. They definitely exist.

They have a comprehensive knowledge about everything and everybody in creation. The author’s is called Durga. She is the prime organiser in Nature. Thus life could be perfect but we present obstacles that prevent that from happening.

This book takes the form of a diary of events he both witnessed and was involved in, with the help of the goddess Durga. You will read about how he fell in love with her; about a guru who feeds five thousand people every day; a place where flames emerge from large cold stones and how a wandering monk told a railway official how to stop his trains being derailed. In, fact the book is full of seemingly miraculous happenings. At first the author wasn’t intending to display it to the world at large but Durga had other ideas – so we hope you enjoy reading it.

The Life Of A London Yogi

The Life of a London Yogi is Tony Butcher’s incredibly fascinating memoir spanning over seven decades. 

Beginning with an honest and frank depiction of his early years – his close-knit family, his school years and being a grocer’s delivery boy for the family business – you will feel a wave of nostalgia as he recalls his warm and wonderful memories of boyhood with crystal clear precision. 

His time undertaking National Service is shared with candidness and so, too, is his somewhat unsettled return to Civvy Street. At the tender age of 21 he met Rosemary and they married a year later. Two daughters and a son made their family complete. 

Tony’s teaching career got off to a wobbly start – the children were fine, it was the parents and the head teacher that were the problem. They didn’t warm particularly well to Tony’s new teaching methods – although they proved incredibly fruitful, as his stories demonstrate. 

One of Tony’s most astute memories comes from the time when his class asked if he knew the secret of levitation. And they showed them precisely how to do it – all fourteen stone of him was lifted off a table by eight children, using one finger. 

With an unequivocal fascination for transcendental meditation, yoga, Sidhi, yogic flying and spiritualism, Tony’s intriguing life will also take you down another enlightening path. And you will be thoroughly absorbed by his first Jyotish reading in 1998, his decision to become a servant to the Goddess, Dugra in 2001 and his incredible spiritual experiences thereafter. 

The Life of a London Yogi is unlike any other memoir you will have ever encountered.

Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery religions

Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery Religions provides a fascinating new perspective on some traditional fairy tales that we all thought we knew.

We are taught from an early age that these stories can give us useful guidance for life, even if they seem obscure.

Author Tony Butcher shows us how to unravel the meanings, drawing on the ancient teachings of the mystery schools and, in particular, the teaching of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.

The first section of the book takes us through the philosophy behind it all, originating in the writings of Thoth (also known as Hermes), upon which ancient Egyptian teaching was based.
Transcendence, various states of consciousness and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali all pave the way towards enlightenment and freedom from the bonds of the material, earthly world.

The second section illuminates ten well-known fairy tales, viewing them as soon as coded messages laid down for the wisdom on life.

In describing some of the mystic symbolism used, the author sheds new light on what folklore has to say to us.

Far from being quaint tales from the past, these stories are as relevant today as they have ever been.

A review of Yoga Consciousness in Ancient Mystery Religions:

"In this important new study, Tony Butcher presents an intriguing analysis of the real meaning of what is commonly called the ' Fairy Tale'.

Selecting examples we have all grown up with - Cinderella, Snow White, Lucky Hans - he argues that such stories are not just fanciful works of the imagination designed to entertain children, but potent allegories that teach of nothing less than life's quest: the journey to spiritual enlightenment.

Unlike previous travellers through this enchanted territory, Butcher's guiding signposts are not the modern theories of psychoanalysis, but the teachings of the Wisdom Schools of the ancient world.

Each tale is shown to be an account of the soul's journey home, in terms of the venerable mystery religions of Egypt, Greece and Rome.
Such a thesis is saved from being a merely academic exercise by detailed reference to the most contemporary, and accessible, incarnation of this perennial wisdom: the teachings of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru who brought Transcendental Meditation [TM] to the West.

In other hands, such a profound subject could weigh heavily, but it is here treated in a thoroughly readable manner, enlivened by the author's enthusiastic and unpretentious tone.

Like a good meditation, this new book provides deep and nourishing refreshment, allowing one to see the world with different eyes."

By Alistair Shearer, author of One Equal Light, The Spirit of Asia, Buddha: The Intelligent Heart, The Yoga Sutras of Pantanjali, Thailand: The Lotus Kingdom and Upanishads, and founder of the Neeleshwar Hermitage retreat, South India.

Also by Tony Butcher: A Walk in the Park

The epic legacy of divine love and self-discovery from the timeless wisdom of the Vedas is brought forth in an inspirational poetry anthology that could help you begin your spiritual journey into love for the universe and the marvel of creation. 

In a modern world more au fait with mobile phones than the smarter circuitry within our own nervous systems, everyone is looking for a path to self-discovery that will bring us to full self-consciousness and awareness of the harmonic nature of the universe. Anthony Butcher, a long-time student of transcendental meditation, breathes life into this poetry anthology, sharing the wisdom he has learned about divine love from a lifetime of travel outwards to India and inwards to the core of his being. His spiritual journey began with a walk in the park, and as he awakened to his own potential he found the epic legacy of the Vedas leading him to revelations about life, and to Durga, his spiritual companion, the goddess who could be said to be called his muse.

This is Butcher’s story, told through a collection of inspirational poetry including the much acclaimed ‘Mary’ and ‘Elements of Summer’. Journey into love with him by checking out the LOOK INSIDE feature, and let the inspiration of Durga guide you onto your own path to enlightenment.

Deborah Wright

Tony Butcher’s collection belongs to a tradition of religious and spiritual poetry that have inspired people over many generations and whose masters include Rumi, the Persian mystical poet and Gerard Manley Hopkins, the 19th century Jesuit priest who penned exquisite Christian poetry. Many religious poems tend to paint their devotion in the precise colours of their particular faith and culture.

The poems in this volume are particularly fascinating because they weave together threads of both Eastern and Western poetry, refusing to confine themselves to any specific doctrine. One of the finest poems is Mary, in which Tony considers her as both the mother of Jesus and the Mother of all Creation from a Vedic viewpoint.

Tony Butcher has lived in England all his life but has made regular visits to India. In 1968, he learnt Transcendental Meditation, which enabled him to enjoy luminous spiritual experiences which clearly inspired many of the gems in this collection.

The poems range from the personal, such as A Walk in the Park, to the grand and philosophical, such as The Hoop Dance, which explores the path to enlightenment. Like Gerard Manley Hopkins, Butcher has a profound appreciation for nature and many of his verses sing with pantheism; When You Speak reads like a hymn to God’s creation:

Your perfect syllables -
Each a symphony in seed form -
inspire All creation to sing with you:
Rumi once wrote:
‘Love’s nationality is separate from all other religions / The lover’s religion and nationality is the Beloved’.

These apt lines capture the spirit of this collection, which is a celebration of life, Nature, and above all, love for the Divine.
Deborah Wright author of six best selling novels including “The Rebel Fairy"
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